FunnelMates OTO 1 to 3 – All THREE OTO Direct Link & Price

FunnelMate OTO & Front-End Summary: Funnelmates is a cloud-based 1-Click DFY (Done-For-You ) Funnel Builder software. Also, it comes with inbuilt customizable templates, prewritten email series and integration with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart & more. FunnelMate offers three OTOs and two Front-End pricing option. All details are below:

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FunnelMates OTO & FE Direct Links

Front-End (FE) – Mandatory Buy to Get Login Access Details
==> FunnelMates Access/Delux

OTO-1 : Platinum
==> FunnelMates OTO 1

OTO-2 : Source Code Bundle
==> FunnelMates OTO 2

OTO-3 : Agency
==> FunnelMates OTO 3

FunnelMates OTO & FE Pricing Review

Here is the most important information for you to be an informed buyer.

  • Firstly, the Vendors Cindy Donovan and Gary Alach offering front-end for $33.97 One-Time. They will keep increasing the price throughout the launch.
  • Secondly, OTO pricing are as  OTO1 – $27 per month, $297 per year, or $997 one time, OTO2 – $97, and the last OTO3 – $67.

At the present time while reviewing FunnelMatest, all prices are one-time except OTO1. There is no free-trial offered.

Also, the vendor offers 30-days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, raise a refund request to their support team.

Note: Above all, the vendor can change the price any-time without any notice. You can checkout the above mentioned links for the latest details.  

FunnelMates OTO – Read Before You Buy

As a matter of fact, the vendor will send Username & Password on email only after you buy Front-End that will work for FE and OTO login.

If you buy only OTOs, you will not receive login credentials. For example, if you buy OTO1 or OTO 2 or any other OTO without FE then you will not be able to access purchased OTO. You have to buy FE to receive Username and Password.

In summary, If you haven’t bought FE then without a doubt you buy it. The FE buy is MANDATORY to ACCESS Both FE and OTOs. Hope it clarifies you.

Watch Demo:

Watch Demo To Discover How Your Profit Site Can Be Live, In Just 27 Seconds From Now.

What is FunnelMates?

This cloudbased SaaS gives beginners completely done-for-you lead capture, affiliate funnels. Pages are built (and hosted), emails written and queued (with their affiliate links embedded) and traffic tools are at the ready.

Each funnel contains ENDLESS handwritten promotions by our team, promoting top selling offers on JVZoo, W+, CB, Thrivecart, Shopify, Amazon and more. In ANY niche.

To sum up: Users can activate funnels OR build their own for personal use or to sell to other users. Quickly building lists, commissions and profits within the platform.

As I have noted, here’s what you get with FunnelMate FE:
Done-For-You Lead Magnets,
Done-For-You Landing Pages and Done-For-You Delivery Pages,
Fully Hosted & Managed Autoresponder,
Unlimited Subscribers,
Unlimited Handwritten Promo Emails,
Your Affiliate ID’s Automatically Added,
In Any Niche Or Even By Request,
No Code. Just 1 Click & Done,
Custom Traffic Toolkit For Each Funnel,
Automatically GDPR Compliant,
Get Paid Commissions & Sales Directly To Your JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart, ThriveCart, Kartra, Amazon, Shopify Accounts & More.

How To Use It?

As I have shown in demo Having These Completely Ready To Go Funnels Live,
Fully Branded And Filled With Prewritten Emails …

Following are the simple steps to Go Out On Complete Autopilot:

Step #1 – Connect:
Add your JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart and PP to your account settings! They’re all free and if you’re new, we’ll show you how to sign up and set it up.

Step #2 – Select:
Use credits we give you in your account, to unlock your choice of profit funnels! Everything is instantly activated, branded, written + ready to make you cash.

Step #3 – Profit:
Your funnels each contain a customised traffic toolkit! Simply click to activate your traffic toolkit and add leads into your prewritten, fully automated, email sequences!

Key Features & Benefits

Build A Profitable List & Earn Commissions In Any Niche using Amazing Features of this Saas-Based tool, Here’s Why We’re So Excited About This Software:

  • Activate done-for-you funnels with just one click – includes an existing prewritten email series and lifetime, ongoing email promotions all with your affiliate link added into each one,
  • Enjoy unstoppable commissions on JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart & more – in any niche – with every funnel you pick,
  • Design your own funnels fast using our inbuilt customizable templates – one click and all funnel pages are created and ready to customise with our drag and drop designer!
  • Capture an unlimited number of leads using your own funnels or by activating funnels created by other people, hosted, queued and delivered by us. Nothing techie to code or write,
  • Create your own funnels and profit in three ways: use them yourself, sell them to others, or let others use them for free and you get a copy of their leads added automatically to your connected autoresponder,
  • Create or use funnels across a variety of niches (the niches and funnels available is growing daily)!

And Here Are More:

  • Integrates effortlessly with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank and more!
  • Connects easily to your favorite autoresponder,
  • Want to have affiliates build lists AND promote an evergreen webinar? You can do that too, with our GoToWebinar integration,
  • Lets anyone create a funnel fast – no special skills, knowledge or experience required!
  • Get started in less than 30 seconds with this cloud-based, user-friendly funnel builder and marketplace,
  • Use your own domain names so it looks like you’re hosting the funnel – without any of the tricky or expensive hosting costs.
  • Community reviewed rating system ensures the quality of these funnels stays strong so the funnels your promoting will get more signups and sales than ever,
  • Add your own scripts to activated funnels, so you can add messenger bots, retargeting pixels and more!
  • Also, Track your clicks, conversions and more in your dashboard too!

Funnelmates OTO – Quick Summary

OTO1: Funnel Mates Platinum — Feature Summary what Customers receive: 

$30 a month credit to spend on any marketplace items.
*Credits do NOT carry over each month. 

As well as unlocking the following Funnel Mates Platinum only benefits:

  • Create and publish an UNLIMITED number of funnels (previously 3/month),
  • Activate as many free funnels from the marketplace as you want (previously 2/month).
  • Sell ANY kind of offer in your funnels opening up opportunities to make Shopify, SamCart, Kartra, ThriveCart funnels, MLM funnels, Funnels for coaches or offline business and so much more,
  • Create/Publish Premium Whitelabel Funnels as soon as you want
    (Can sell, for a higher amount letting the purchasing member edit and customise the funnels you create and sell),
  • Create/Publish Premium Exclusive Funnels,
    (Can sell for a much higher amount, selling complete ownership of created funnel with all editing and publishing permissions transferred to new owner),
  • Clone your funnels: Ability to clone your funnels so you can create and publish more funnels faster

OTO2: Funnel Mates Source Code Bundle — Feature Summary what Customers receive: 

  • A collection of 140+ done for you lead capture funnels including giveaway reports, landing and download pages, graphics and followup email sequences for each.  
  • Includes word doc/psd files for each funnel,
  • additionally TWO new added every month,
  • Pay once and get access to this massive collection that continues to grow,
  • Perfect for using to create your own funnels so that you can use or sell.

OTO3: Funnel Mates Agency — Feature Summary what Customers receive: 

All in all , it allows members to create unlimited accounts and transfer funnels to clients. 

NOTE: This is not like a resellers account where customers get what’s available on the frontend, the new account will contain all of the frontend features but will not give them any marketplace credits.

Deployment & Support

Undoubtedly, It is one the most important aspect before you make a purchase. Every person realizes the importance of deployment & support and if that is not good, you will waste your money. Seeing that I am summing up all the details for your easy reference:

Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS – Yes
Mac Desktop – No
Windows Desktop – No
Mobile App – No

Videos – Yes
Documentation – Yes
Live Online, Webinars – Yes
In Person – No

Support Help Desk – Yes
Email Support – Yes
FAQs/Forum – Yes
Phone Support – No
24/7 (Live Rep) – Yes
Chat – Yes

Contact Details
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Question#1. Truth is Cindy…I skipped right to the end. Can you sum up FunnelMates for me in just a few words?

No problem. Just imagine having countless funnels at your fingertips, for every niche imaginable (yep, including yours) where affiliate & digital Marketers are showered with automated leads & floods of commissions from multiple networks in only 27 seconds.


It includes access to the fully established marketplace where you can build and sell funnels to other affiliate marketers bringing extra revenue if you so choose.

Question#2. Hold on. Did you say set up only takes 27 seconds? How is that even possible?

Yep, 27 seconds. I know, I know. It sounds a little out there… Luckily for you, I made a video to show you just that. (Ironically, it’s longer than it takes you to set up your first funnel.

Question#3. If I choose to create funnels and sell them on FunnelMates, how do I get paid?

Simple. When someone pays to unlock a funnel you’ve built, we’ll send you the money to your personal fund’s account. (less a 20% processing/admin fee.)

You can then request to withdraw $50-$5,000 every 72hrs, 30 days after your funnel/s sale.

And to make it as easy as possible to get your earnings fast, you’re paid via Paypal or Wire Transfer. No hassle.

BONUS: You also get paid commissions by the affiliate networks when using the funnels for your own marketing and promotions, of course – so they’ll send you payments directly from each of the networks.

Question#4. That sounds great! So, realistically, how much can I charge for my funnels?

Short answer…It’s completely up to you.

My advice, once you’ve got access of this powerful tool, go over to the store in your dashboard to see what people are buying more of right now, at which price range, and pick a price you feel comfortable with.

(Remember, once your funnels are flying off the proverbial shelves there’s nothing stopping you from adjusting your prices)

Pros & Cons


✅ Low-Priced compared to software available in market. Totally Value for Money

✅ Undoubtedly very fast and saves time, money and effort

✅ Easy to use and completely newbie friendly,

✅ Regardless of previous experience it is quite easy to learn. No technical, coding or designing skills required,

✅ Step-by-step training included, even more webinar and training will be provided.

✅ 30-day money-back guarantee

✅ Prominent Vendors & Overall Excellent Support Record


⛔ No Commercial license included with FE – details explicitly not mentioned to sell your client

FunnelMates Alternative

As long as you are okay with to pay a little bit high, here is the option – ClickFunnels


In this FunnelMates Review, I have carefully mentioned all the details about features, price, demo, pros and cons to enable you to make a informed decision. However this is a no brainer deal but still I recommend you checkout from your end to make sure you getting what you are looking for.

Even though you make a wrong decision, then also it is fine as it is covered by 30-Days money back guarantee so you can give a try. You need not to worry about refund even if you purchased it mistakenly. If you find it not your cup of tea, go and raise refund request.

Otherwise, enjoy this one tool that offers everything you need to make profitable funnels without you charging monthly fee.

HandPicked Tool – FunnelMates OTOs | FunnelMates Review | FunnelMates OTO

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