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TXTVIDEO 2.0 OTO & FE Summary: TXTVIDEO 2.0 offers Front-End and three OTOs costs. The initial TXTVIDEO 2.0 OTO is Elite. The second OTO includes customized personalized video backgrounds. The third TXTVIDEO 2.0 OTO is Extensive Business Toolkit and Bootcamp Training. The company Jamie Ohler, Lee Pennington and Simon Warner have launched it during a limited time period, with a discount for the entire year and a one-time pay discount.


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Checkout All TXTVIDEO 2.0 OTO & FE Links Below

Front-End (Main Software)==> TXTVIDEO 2.0 FE

OTO 1 (Elite) ==> TXTVIDEO 2.0 OTO 1

OTO 2 (Custom Personalized Video Backgrounds) ==> TXTVIDEO 2.0 OTO 2

OTO 3 (Extensive Business Toolkit and Bootcamp Training) ==> TXTVIDEO 2.0 OTO 3

Important Note: The vendor provides single login credentials for FE and OTOs when you purchase Front-End.
In case you haven’t purchased Front-End yet, Make sure you Buy It Before Any of OTO.

What is Txtvideo 2.0?

The revolutionary technology of TxtVideo solves the main issue with making videos that generate enormous amounts of engagement, traffic, and sales. The fast and efficient software lets users to create captivating SMS-style videos that tap into the human psyche and grabs attention like nothing you’ve witnessed before.


Watch TxtVideo 2.0 Demo – See How It Works


TxtVideo 2.0 at a Period…
Make ultra-realistic video messages in the flash
Let your imagination be free with images, emojis and GIFs
Sell without selling by using the ability of storytelling to capture and hold your attention
Cloud-based technology, which is constantly evolving, with super-fast rendering
Simple 3 step creation process
Start from scratch or utilize the templates that are already in place
Access TxtVideo wherever you are with the cloud-based dashboard
Plus, with this limited-time launch promotion and a no-cost commercial license. No upgrade is required.

Easy Steps TXTVideo 2.0 It makes it as simple as 1 – 2-3-3
Step 1: Log in >>>Simply login to your dashboard and begin making videos right away.
Step 2: Write your own text storyLet your imagination go wild. Make conversations that resemble an exchange between you and your customer.
Step 3 Share and downloadThenRender your video, download it in one click and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or wherever your clients are online.

Txtvideo 2.0 gives you everything You’ll Need to Create effective videos that pack a Punch:

Access to software for life
Two skins are available (Facebook as well as iPhone/iMessage)
Five niche-specific scripts that can be utilized immediately
With three backgrounds for bubbles that can be utilized immediately to make conversations more engaging and lively.
The ability to include images or GIF, Emoji
Person’s profile customization – image signal strength, signal strength, WiFi strength as well as Battery Life, Clock and Mobile Provider
You can create as little as 60 seconds worth of footage
Selector for conversation speed
Dynamic typing, message deletion and replacement
Selecting the size of the font
MP4 video download
Preview – Review your work prior to rendering (create videos). Avoid the hassle of having to recreate work after rendering
Super fast rendering times

TxtVideo 2.0 OTO Quick Summary

What do you get with the 1st OTO” Elite?
Unlock additional and more specific scripts that you can use immediately
Unlock additional bubble backgrounds immediately
Find brand-new niche scripts that are delivered each month
Get brand new bubble backgrounds , delivered each month
Capability to create a 180 seconds of video
Create unlimited images
Create unlimited GIFs
Emojis can be added in unlimited quantities
The ability to add video to the conversation
The ability to add voice messages
GIF and MP4 video downloads. GIF video download
Every month TXTVideo Creation Contest
With the potential of adding new skins every quarter.
The ability to hold a group discussion

What can you expect from 2nd OTO personalized video backgrounds?
I’m not able to tell you how amazing this is! I guarantee you that EVERYONE will desire to make an item like this…
Yes, that’s you! Visit and review all the details Below are the links.

What can you expect from 3rdOTO: A Comprehensive Tools for Business and Bootcamp Education?
Three-day session on how you can earn money using TxtVideo
TxtVideo Assications Free PDF download
Certified TXTVideo Expert Document signed
Seven additional segments script (Pizza, Chiropractor, Roofer Apparel, Dentist Lawyer, Real Estate)
Additional five bubble backgrounds
Email scripts
Facebook ads
Instagram ads
Proposal letters
Pricing Sheets
Phone Texts
Social Media Post
Day by day Step by Step outline of success
Professional DFY Webinar (training with PDF Download)


Frequently asked questions

Q. What makes TxtVideo 2.0 different from all the other video makers available?
A. You can design the whole story, characters, and the pace of your conversation and even add pictures, emojis as well as GIFs so that it can appear like an individual’s text message on their phone. The best part is that you can design and launch these in a matter of minutes to start seeing results quickly.

Q. Will this work for my product/niche/industry?
A. Yes! TxtVideo 2.0 is a perfect fit for anybody, in any industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant spaceman, selling knitted socks made by hand for three-legged llamas, this product is sure to work for you.

Q. I’m not sure what to do. Would this be difficult to master? I’m not a lot of time to spare and need something that I can master and apply quickly.
A. TxtVideo 2.0 is as simple as it can. On your dashboard you’ll discover pre-made scripts that you can modify quickly to meet the needs of your company’s needs. Additionally, there’s video training courses available as well as a helpful quick support team who’s willing to assist you if you’re stuck.
Don’t put off too long because the time is fast running out.

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