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Viddyoze OTO & FE: Viddyoze offers TWO Front-End and TWO OTOs pricing options. The very first Viddyoze OTO is Template Club and second OTO is Agency (White Label Edition). The two Front-End options are Personal and Commercial. The vendor Viddyoze Team has launched it for a limited time with lifetime discounted price. All details, demo, Price and Links, you can find below>>>

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Here You Go, All Viddyoze OTO & FE Links Below

Front-End (Mandatory Purchase For FE/OTO login Access)
==> Viddyoze Personal/Commercial

Viddyoze Template Club
==> Viddyoze OTO 1

Viddyoze Agency (White Label Edition)
==> Viddyoze OTO 2


Important Note: The seller provides single login credentials for FE and OTOs when you purchase Front-End.
In case you haven’t purchased Front-End yet, you must buy It Before Any of OTO.


What is Viddyoze?

Viddyoze is world’s easiest Video Animation Software that allows you to create Breathtaking Animations Videos In 3 Clicks. You get access to a huge set of Studio-Grade beautiful templates logo stingers, outros, alpha animations, lower thirds, ‘Live Action’ animations, Conversion-crushing CTAs and Social Actions. Especially, the NEW square and vertical templates are perfect for mobile and social media entirely! Viddyoze saves you time and money.

Viddyoze – At A Glance
Get outstanding studio quality animations and next gen live action animations for any video in just 3 clicks,
Make high-class pro-videos to sell more products and services,
Raise your prices and establish yourself as a real professional,
Give pre-existing videos a new lease of life (and a boost to conversions) with a single animation,
Add a lucrative extra revenue steam by selling your animations,
Sell your desk and take Viddyoze on the road. It’s 100% cloud based & built from the ground up to work on your mobile devices,
The Viddyoze point-and-click system means ANYONE can now create intros that rival the top studios – ZERO previous experience is required.


What’s New in Viddyoze?

Along with the already existing powerful Viddyoze engine comes a host of new and exciting features never-seen-before in the Viddyoze app. This is truly the most complete, robust & powerful version of Viddyoze to date.
1. Square & Vertical Templates – The new version of Viddyoze features brand new templates, perfect for all social media platforms,
2. Multi Font Support – robust customisation features to allow to pick font from a wide-range variety of font library,
3. Multiple Audio Options – now you can select from multiple different audio tracks per template
4. Sound FX only – now you can add Sound effects even without any music
5. Background Removal Tool – Now you can using our 1-click background removal tool.
6. Image Editing Tools – customize or crop your images in Viddyoze before inserting it into a template
7. User Library – upload and store images that is accessible from anywhere
8. New Integrations – users now have access to hundreds of thousands of images to import directly without you requiring to buy a new stock access
9. Overhauled UX – taking over 5 years of user experiences, culminating into the perfect UX journey for all users.



Why Video and why you need Viddyoze, right now?

By 2020 80% of the worlds internet traffic will be video (that’s almost 4 out of every 5 buyers coming to you through video),
80% Using videos on your landing pages increases conversions by 80%,
64% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it,

WITHOUT videos business impact can not be expected much.

Every video marketer already know that video is the future of marketing and GOLDEN AGE OF VIDEO is started.

Viddyoze was already the #1 tool on the market for video marketers.

It was #1 BEFORE they released the Viddyoze Live Templates that effortlessly blend logos with 3D animations AND live-action actors, models, and scenery.

It was #1 when they revealed their exclusive transparent ALPHA technology allowing users to overlay Viddyoze animations on existing footage!

And Viddyoze is STILL #1 today . No other software has even come close.

Viddyoze is already being used by more than 150,000 people to transform dull videos into engagement magnets. Using commercial licence you can offer a better service than anybody else and start selling Viddyoze as a Service.

At the very least you’re going to be amazed at how good this tech can make your videos look. There’s no doubt in my mind, when your videos look this good, they will eat average, dull, even ‘quite good’ videos, for breakfast.


How Easy it is to use?

Step 1. Choose A Template: Viddyoze features over 180+ with a commercial license (or 1500 templates with Viddyoze OTOs) to choose from in any niche. Choose from logo stingers, outros, alpha animations, lower thirds, ‘Live Action’ animations & much more.
Step 2. Customize Your Video: Viddyoze allows you to quickly customise your template in just a few clicks. Change colours, add images & even change the font. Need audio in your video? No problem, simply click 1 button and Viddyoze adds a professional audio track to your final video.
Step 3. Create Your Video: The powerful web based rendering technology, Viddyoze creates your animation in the cloud in just a matter of minutes, ready for you to distribute and show off.


Watch Viddyoze Demo Video



How Viddyoze helps you get more customers?


1. Grab Attention Instantly – With live footage and professional actors working for you, your prospects will find their eyes drawn to your video like bees to honey,
2. Studio-Quality Intros – Create exceptionally high quality intro animations and logo stings,
3. Alpha Dynamic Intros – Use Viddyoze’s unique transparency technology to create opening to blow away anything else on the market,
4. Stunning Social Actions – Viddyoze helps you build a huge social following, get likes, follows, shares, +1s, pins, retweets,
5. Floating Social Animations – Have iPhone, Skype and social network messages show up directly on screen,


1. Professional Lower Thirds – Add authority using an attractive lower third from a huge range of beautiful stylings,
2. Seamless Transitions – Keep your viewers attention riveted with beautiful transitions,
3. Movie Filters – With Viddyoze’s huge range of effects, your videos will have the high-production-value shine that gives you real authority,
4. Attention-Grabbing floating animations – Our transparency technology lets you overlay an animation at ANY point in your video,


1. Awesome Outros – Wrap up your sales message and fix your brand identity firmly in the mindspace of your viewers, customers and clients,
2. CTA Overlays – Have your buy button or call to action message appear while your video is still playing in the background,
3. Compelling CTAs – Pre-made exclusive CTAs that compels your prospectus to click to your offer,


1. Beautiful Branding – professional actors and stunning models will make your brand high-class,
2. Subtle Watermarks – Keep your work safe and add watermarks to all your videos that only YOU can remove,
3. Awesome Audio – custom-created audio tracks that makes your video look outstanding and hypnotize your prospectus,
4. Cloud Computing – work from ANYWHERE and and keep your business going while you enjoying your life.



Is Viddyoze effective?

Yes! Viddyoze has a existing 150K users and has done 50 Millions in sales. Thousands of clients are selling Viddyoze Animation Videos (using Viddyoze OTO Template Club and commercial license) starting from $80 to their clients.  Viddyoze is used by large enterprise clients like Telsa, Verizon, Vodaphone, DHL, Philips, Sony and many more. They have proven track record of 5 years since it was first launched in 2015. In last 5+ years, they provided incredible support and updates to existing clients.

Who should use Viddyoze?

Every video marketer, internet marketer, digital marketer, individual, coaches, affiliate marketer, ecom stores and everyone who needs INCREDIBLE videos in just minutes should use this. If you are a marketing agency or want to sell your services, you can do it with Viddyoze OTOs along with FE commercial license.



What Viddyoze Gets You?

Here is what all features you get with Viddyoze

World’s #1 Automated Video Animation Software including all features
Jaw-Dropping Live Action Video Engine including all features
Unlimited Renders
Unlimited Usage Rights On Clients Videos
Unlimited Usage Rights On Personal Videos
200 Professional Templates
Designer Template Library
Custom Audio Support
100% Compatibility (mp4 file format)
Members Area & Training
Cloud Hosting for your videos
Add Watermarks
Commercial Licence
Fast Customer Service
Ongoing Support & Updates
Launch Special #1: Reverse Sales Method (Worth $197)
Launch Special #2: YouTube Accelerator (Worth $97)



Viddyoze OTO – Quick Summary

Here is what all key features you get with Viddyoze  OTO 1 – Template Club ($37 Per Month)

The Viddyoze Template Club gives users access to the entire back catalogue (currently 1500+ templates) with an additional 20+ templates every single month (and often we end up releasing a lot more, because we’re cool like that). The Viddyoze OTO 1 also gets you features:

  • Access to additional audio tracks for your animations
  • Access to a private media library where you can save your images & assets for later use
  • Access to Viddyoze GIF: Viddyoze GIF lets you render animations in GIF format to embed into your emails and websites.


Here is what all key features you get with Viddyoze OTO 2 – White-Label Agency ($297 Per Month)

The Viddyoze Agency (WLE) is the ultimate powerhouse in video creation. and is the full Viddyoze experience. The full, mouthwatering feature list:

  • Completely white label the Viddyoze platform to your brand. i.e. Add your logo. colors etc to the make the entire Viddyoze platform your own. on your own domain. Your clients will never see any Viddyoze branding. only yours!
  • Add 10 sub users to your account
  • Resell seats to your clients
  • Watermark your animations right inside Viddyoze!
  • Send 100% white label pages to your clients that you can build inside Viddyoze
  • Save color palettes and assets to your private user account
  • Access the entire 1500+ Viddyoze template library
  • Render 10 videos at the same time
  • Access up to 5 additional audio tracks per animation for maximum choice and flexibility!
  • Access to a private media library where you can save your images & assets for later use $297 / month
  • Access to 15+ new templates every month
  • Create unlimited videos per month

Viddyoze OTO 2 also gets you:

  • Access to Viddyoze Reloaded (i: Our team takes our best performing animations and recreates “Reloaded” version Of these templates. giving you even more variety choice with your animations!”)
  • Access to Viddyoze U (i: Viddyoze University gives you access to all our previously released training products & tutorials, all as a part Of your plan, no additional costs!)
  • Access to Viddyoze GIF feature (hover on “i” says “Viddyoze GIF lets you render animations in GIF format to embed into your emails and websites.)



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Viddyoze offers any money-back guarantee?
Yes. Test Viddyoze out for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply send one email to our friendly support team and we’ll refund you 100% of your investment here today without hesitation. That’s a promise.

Is this a subscription based product?
No. We offer Viddyoze OTO 1 (Template Club) and Viddyoze OTO 2 (White-Label) on subscription, but FE offer is the Viddyoze core offer, featuring 180 high quality animations.


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